We’ve all been there. We are busy working on our computers, maybe typing up a document in Word, editing photos in Photoshop, or just in your web browser.

All of the sudden, your computer freezes, and the application you are using shuts down. The immediate thought that goes through your mind is “DID I SAVE???”.

If you didn’t, you likely just lost all of your work.

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Wait a second, this can happen to my website?

Yes, in the web world, this can happen too. You could be making what seems like a small change to your content, you hit save. You go to preview your work and your website is gone. Yes, this may be a tad bit extreme, but believe me, it happens.

Most of the time, the change can be fixed by going into the database, but that means two things:

  1. You know what or how to use a database
  2. You know what change caused the issue

Tinkering around in a database when you have no clue how to use it can cause unrepairable damage.

We do not recommend doing this AT ALL.

So what do you do?

Back, back, back it up…

Backups for Your Website Fargo ND BNG Design
This is why we love, love, love backups. Your web development company should be providing some sort of periodical backups. If your web development company doesn’t, then check with your hosting provider. Most hosting companies should be providing some sort of backups.

These are important questions that need to be asked and answered when you are looking for a web design company.

Did I lose you?

If you are confused with what to do and worried about your website, contact us. We will sit down and discuss what we can do.

What are BNG Design’s back up procedures?

Your website is an investment. We keep your investment as safe and secure as possible.

When we are finished with a project, we back it up after it goes live. We can provide you with a working copy of your website on disk once it is done. So if you are someone who isn’t making changes or updates on a regular basis, you will be able to get your website back up quite easily. We also have monthly back ups ready to go, just to be safe, for those worst case scenarios.

Want even more security?

We have BNG Max plans available that include daily backups plus a lot of other awesome goodies and benefits!
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Contact Us today to learn about the BNG Max plan and learn how BNG Design helps keep your investment secure.

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Written By: Stacey Bartron