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With constantly-changing algorithms from top search engines like Google and Bing, keeping your website atop search results can feel like a never-ending battle. There are hundreds of search signals that go into achieving a well-ranking website. How can you possibly keep up with it all, confidently know what to do, or even begin to track if it’s working?

Optimizing your website involves a comprehensive review of numerous attributes, building a winning strategy, and consistently executing every month, even as things change. Need help with technical issues like tagging or schema? Update your content to increase relevance for specific keywords? Build back-links or up your site’s authority score? You don’t have to waste hours every month guessing how to reach the top page of Google. Let our team of SEO experts develop a winning search engine strategy for you, deliver the right results both on- and off-page, and track progress over the course of a monthly service plan.

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Getting Started With BNG

Our 3-Step Process

After working with hundreds of businesses, we know each one has its own challenges that prevent it from reaching its goals. Fortunately, we keep things simple and help you find the path for success with our 3-step process.

Schedule Your Free Discovery Conversation

During this time you can ask questions and share your long-term business goals. Our team will discuss your needs, determine timelines, and then set expectations. This meeting is a chance to speak with experts about how you can reach your objectives and what your current obstacles are.

Receive Your Unique Action Plan

After the discovery conversation with your team, we’ll create an action plan based on your long-term goals and obstacles. Once we complete the action plan, you’ll have a chance to review it to discuss budgets concerns and the timeline for completing work.

Kick-Off Meeting

You’ll meet our team, and we’ll define your goals, and set timelines for deliverables to be completed and approved. During this meeting, we’ll also review any final assets we may need to begin work. After the meeting is complete, we’ll officially start work on your action plan to achieve your goals.

Increase your organic reach

Stay ahead of your competition in the search engines

Our team will sit down and discuss your goals, then create a workplan and timeline for your SEO goals. Every month, our team will connect with you and create KPIs and reports to help track your search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

Southwest Hearing stayed competitive in local search

See how this nationally based medical hearing supply brand connected to customers through local SEO.

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