When considering a website design and development company in the Fargo North Dakota area there are a few things you need to educate yourself on before making a decision.

What are your goals for your web design project?

If you are a business owner your goals should be to generate more leads, automate the sales process, sell more and ultimately make more money. This can mean many different things to different businesses. Depending on your business type, your goals should involve generating more money. This can be done directly through lead generation and/or e-commerce; or, indirectly, through branding and marketing your ideas or values to more effectively win more clients. In most cases it should directly and indirectly improve your business. If you are talking to a website design company and they can’t quickly tell you how they will make your job easier and make you more money then you should move on to someone who can.

How are people going to find your new website?

An even better question is how are qualified buyers going to find your new website? There are plenty of people out there that can build a pretty website, but if it is built only to look pretty how are people going to get to it? Sure those that already are your customers can type in your business name or website address and will get to it, but really what good does that do? They are already your customer or you already made contact with them and your website is now just an expensive brochure housed on a server. To have the best return on investment you need a website that generates new business that you would not have generated elsewhere. Another way of saying this is, a good website is a site that creates new revenue from customers that you otherwise did not have access to; customers that otherwise would not know you existed or customers that would have gone to a competitor that showed up before you in search. BNG Design builds websites from start to finish using search engine optimization techniques that enable our clients to generate regional and national growth. We architect our sites so that search engines, like Google, have an easy time reading and figuring out what each page on your site is about. By making a site easy for search engines to read and understand, this also gives the search engines the right information to see you as a subject expert on the products or services you offer. If Google sees you as the best provider of information it will rank your site higher and effectively show your site higher in search results.

Website Design Price

Price is very important to everyone, as it should be. Price is a very tricky thing when it comes to website development. There is no true apple to apple comparisons in design because every website is built differently and the amount of time and difference in techniques used between developers can vary dramatically. You could have a quote from two different companies, one for $5,000 and one for $10,000. The $5,000 site may show you a return of $2,000 a month and the $10,000 site might not show any return on your investment but looks really pretty. You could also have two designers, one that charges $20/hour and one that charges $200/hour. The designer who charges $200/hour may be able to complete a project faster and less expensively than the one that charges $20/hour, who takes more than ten times longer to complete the project. What you need to look at is value! What company is going to accomplish the most for your money. If you want to make the best decision when choosing a web designer you need to think about the cost of building a website like an investment and not as an expense. An expense is a cost you never get back, an investment is a tool that when you put money in you get it back and it brings in more and more money over time. Pick the company not by total price but by total value based on your projected return on investment. If you are talking to a company that does not mention your return on investment in their sales process, now is the time to run away… seriously run away! You do not want what they are selling you. Go with a company that provides the best investment opportunity for your business… Go with BNG!

Ask Questions

When you are looking for a company to build your website, ask questions. What have they done for there current customers? What sets them apart from other web developers? Why are they a good fit for you? There are quite a few website design companies in Fargo that are much better at selling you on having them build you a website than they are at actually building websites. So the best way to find out if their work is any good is to ask the right questions. Ask if you can talk to some of there past clients or even one that they are still in the process of working with. When you go to talk to a web developer it should not feel like a sales pitch. A good company will ask you a bunch of questions to try and determine if your project is a good fit for their services. Give BNG a call, we will show you what it is like to work with real experts, and we will not sell you on anything that we don’t truly believe will show you a serious return on investment.

What sets BNG Design apart from All our local and national competition?

ecommerce website development bng design

We understand eCommerce from every angle…

seo web design bng design west fargo nd

SEO is not just a sales term to us…

  • We design every site, from the ground up, to be written in a way in which search engines can easily read and understand.
  • We only use techniques that are considered to be best practices by the search engines; not “SEO tricks” which typically only end in a site becoming black-listed over time.
  • SEO is not a product that can be bought, but it is a process that, when done right, needs attention from the start to finish on every project.

website design development bng design west fargo nd

Web design and functionality…

  • Our designers understand how to make something look pretty, but also have it function with precision and flow, to ultimately generate a sale or a lead for your business.
  • We have designers that can create awesome images and also know how to write the code to implement them properly on the web.
  • We have programmers who are capable of creating just about any feature you can dream up. They are the type of people who work well with others and can carry a conversation; some might say they are one in a million.

content managment system west fargo nd bng design

Customized solutions designed for your needs not ours…

  • We don’t restrict our customers with one Content Management System or a proprietary solution.
  • We believe in using the best solutions for our clients not just what we have on hand.
  • We will not try to sell you on a proprietary, in-house CMS system that was developed in 1999.
  • We will look at all your interests to find the right solution for your business

Contact us today! We are realistic, we will not sugar coat anything and we will be strait up honest with you about what it really takes to be successful online.

Written By: Ryan Theis