There are lots of things in our lives that we’re never actually “done” with.

Your business’ website is one of them.

As the saying goes, “You’re never truly done learning, even when you finish school” and that rings true here as well. No one can honestly say they’ve learned every single thing under the sun, and the same is true for our industry.

The reason why your website is never truly “done” is because your prospects and customers are demanding it to never be done.

It should always be growing, like a living, breathing organism. Growing with things like dynamic content. Dynamic meaning changing, updating, etc.

Your goal with you website efforts should never be to have a static web presence. Static being zero growth, no nurturing, bland. The last thing you want is a business website that’s on life-support, wheezing and gasping for relevance to your web-visitors, prospects and customers.

The internet is a living, breathing organism, and it’s constantly being advanced. For your website to thrive in this constant metamorphosis, it has to be treated as a living creature.

To set some expectations; your website should never become a stagnant page

Your website should always be a project you are constantly striving to make better. In a sense, your website is just like your business, except in an online format.

Imagine you’re a CEO or entrepreneur (chances are you already are), and you just created an awesome business. You hired all the right people and you have a 20 person team. You’re not going to just decide, “Well, we’re done growing from here.” Your business is eventually going to slowly decline without constant growth, because it’s not going to keep up with current trends.

You may argue that your business is not the same as your website, and it doesn’t need to be frequently updated.

Your website is something that is never going to stop changing, and never going to stop evolving. You shouldn’t expect otherwise.

To stay on top of the search engines you need to continually post relevant content for the online world to see and consume.

You could go to your site and fill it with all the blog posts, all the landing pages, and all the social media tags and never touch it again. But, if you don’t continually let Google know that you’re an expert by consistently keeping up with your industry, the search engines are going to think you’re old news, and your website will be buried in the search results.

Google is known for changing their algorithms and how they judge (rank) websites. The search engines are going to rank your site based on how valuable, relevant, and sharable your content is, and more importantly how often it changes or doesn’t change. Google, for example, is going to look at your untouched site compared to your competitors and say, “Okay. These people are now the experts because this other person hasn’t done anything in the last 6 months, therefore we’re going to give them better domain authority and page ranking value and now they will be found on the first page of search results. (not quite this simple, but in a nutshell)

We’re not saying you have to drop thousands of dollars every month

You do not have to pay for a brand new website every year to keep your site relevant.

Trusting an expert design company to build your site properly and pay for a service package to maintain your site will help keep it fresh. A lot of general maintenance is required to keep your website thriving and on top of the search engines.

If you’ve got an outdated version of WordPress for instance, that’s a nice backdoor for hackers. Keeping your website, not only up to date, but keeping the content fresh is going to keep it from being not only an unsecured site, but also shows you’re an authority in your industry.

Technically, your website is your business online, and that’s where 90% of the population is getting their information from these days. If you’re not keeping yourself up to date, technically you’re just not relevant. You’re not staying up on trends, at that point what are you doing if you’re not growing? You’ll eventually cease to exist.

Unless you want your website to just be a pretty brochure that you paid thousands of dollars for, it needs to be something that you continually update.

Here are some things you can do and spend time on, that will help you prevent spending thousands of dollars annually on ensuring relevance:

Doing little things like paying $179 a month for updates for your web designer, and getting $2000 back in revenue makes these little costs worth your investment. There’s no way that you’re going to say no to paying that when you’re getting that much revenue in return.

Websites are a living, breathing organism online

If you do not utilize the things that are out there to help you grow your business, eventually your website’s going to become irrelevant and at that point you’re going to have to spend another few thousand redesigning it; possibly more for an E-Commerce site in order to get something that’s relevant again.

It may seem troublesome, but investing the extra time and money to keep your website thriving will be a better investment for your business in the long run.

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