When you live in Fargo, North Dakota and Spring is in the air, what do you think about? F…L…O…O…D… This Spring, we are giving you something a little less daunting, your businesses online presence.

Ok, maybe we jumped the gun on that one. In all seriousness though, your online presence has become one of the most important aspects of promoting your business. No matter where you live, New York or Fargo, having an online presence is what gets you new prospects and clients. If you don’t have a website for your business, how are you reaching the general population these days?

Today you are in luck! BNG Payments, a payment processing company based in West Fargo, ND, has just unveiled it’s newest addition, BNG Website Design! BNG Design is your local and national expert on all things web. Specializing in website design and development, E-Commerce, SEO and social media, BNG Design is here to create the website and marketing materials that you need in order to advance your company to that next stage. Our team of experts have the experience and the knowledge to create your online presence and reach those potential customers. If you are interested in seeing our past projects, check out our online portfolio or contact us today for a free consultation!