Web Design Tricks And Insights To Make Your Business More Profitable

When formulating your digital marketing strategy, one key factor to keep in mind is the importance of your online presence, i.e., web design. The primary goal of a website is to convert visitors into users, and the better that conversion rate is, the more profitable your business becomes. The right web design does this in spades. Investing in proven web design techniques and following the latest strategies and insights will make your business more profitable.

Some key factors go into a strong web design strategy; let’s take a look at some up close.

The benefits of attractive web design

A fundamental way to enhance engagement is to have a physically appealing website. Attractive colors and fonts make the experience more enjoyable for users, and the more these users like being on your site, the more interested they will be your business and offerings.

Having an appealing web design is also a smart way to convey trust; it shows you care about what you are offering. Like an attractive storefront, a beautiful website creates an environment where your audience wants to spend their time and feels confident in their final purchase. In contrast, a poorly designed sit creates a negative first impression, placing an immediate barrier between you and your users.

Success does not come from beauty alone, which is why it is essential to incorporate additional strategies to ensure your website brings reliable results. But without an underlying attraction, you will consistently experience less business than you would otherwise.

Simple is best

Offering a wealth of options on your site may seem like an ideal strategy to maximize sales, but in reality, this approach does more harm than good. The busier your site appears, the harder it is for users to find what they need and make final decisions, resulting in delayed purchasing and leading them away from your site entirely.

When it comes to effective web design, less is truly more. For the best results, keep necessary actions down to a minimum. Use simpler navigation bars and dropdown menus to avoid long scrolls. Keep messages short, direction clear, and format uncluttered. Make your format understandable and predictable.

The simpler you make their experience, the more likely you will sell your products and services. And as a nice silver lining, simply designed websites are statistically more likely to be shared on social media, boosting your reach and your stats, so you stretch your digital marketing dollar further and become more profitable. For many reasons, simple is the smart choice.

Why web speed is important

It’s been said that the human attention span is only 8 seconds, but the average online attention span is even shorter: only 3-5 seconds. This fact highlights the importance of investing in high-speed web designs. Users want to get in and out. The slower your site is, the higher the bounce rate you will experience.

Other tricks like negative space and visual prompts speed up the experience. Increasing negative space makes your site faster to read and navigate. Too much clutter slows users down and causes confusion, increasing the likelihood of a user leaving altogether. Key areas where you can add negative space are between menu items, images, lines of text, and even fonts.

Visual prompts and directional cues, such as arrows, keep users moving where they want to go, while also highlighting any marketing initiatives and boosting recognition toward any sales.

Understanding the importance of web design solutions and strategies like these have proven to boost results, making them worth the effort.

State your business value clearly

State the value of your product or service plainly to your audience to make it immediately recognizable, and then prove why it brings value to their lives in a unique way. Your web design should relay your offer, show your authority, and promote benefits that are attractive to your users.

A strong “call-to-action”

Follow up your value messages with easily navigable calls-to-action. Lead users directly to what they need quickly to make it easier to take advantage of them. As we said, you have only 3-to-5 seconds before they begin to wander, so great importance should be given toward navigating them toward the sale. A straight forward call-to-action is a key way to encourage that final step toward buying, resulting in a more effective and profitable website.

The rule of thirds

When positioning content, there are many smart layout tricks designers implement that generate faster and more powerful action from users. Though they may seem subtle from a design perspective, there’s no denying the importance of web design layout techniques like these toward your profit.

One example is the Rule of Thirds. If you visualize your screen as a tic-tac-toe board (3 rows of 3 rectangular boxes, each row stacked on top of each other), the center rectangle’s four corners define the area of the screen users notice most. By positioning powerful copy and calls-to-action here, you generate a faster response by keeping your audience focused on your offer.

The letter “F”

Like the Rule of Thirds, this web design strategy also makes your content more impactful. When users view websites, their eyes typically travel in directions that resembles the letter “F,” making vertical eye movements up and down the left side of the page and horizontal eye movements left to right along the top and middle of the page. These are powerful areas to relay important marketing messages.


Color evokes feelings and emotions that can make your site more profitable, highlighting the importance of web design color strategy. Some colors aid toward impulsive buying while others are best for budget shopping. Each color has its strengths. Even white has importance in web design, highlighting special deals and calls-to-action against bolder or darker backgrounds.

We understand the importance of web design color strategies and make it a habit to implement them in all our design work.


Contrast is another way of highlighting the importance of your content. The stronger the contract is, the more your words will stand out, keeping your audience focused on what’s most important. It also makes your message more readable to get your message out quickly and clearly.

Quality graphics

To deepen engagement with your site, invest in quality videos and graphics. High-quality video, audio, photography, and animation are smart ways of adding richness to your web design while bringing your concepts to life. The higher quality they are, the higher quality your site appears, and the stronger the attraction is to your brand. And with all messages on point, your singular message is reinforced with even more power. The importance of web design graphics in your site design can’t be overstated.

Make it identifiable

Using faces in your web design literally puts a face to your brand. They make the experience more relatable and invoke empathy that extends to your business. You also create more legitimacy to your brand by connecting your business to their lives. In short, your users will care more. Audiences will stay more involved with your company and your offerings, making them more likely to return, which in turn makes you more profitable.

When selecting imagery for your website, it is smart to invest in quality images and not imagery that resembles stock images. The less authentic they seem, the less identifiable they will be. Blatantly fake imagery with people who resemble actors more than your actual employees or customers causes a disconnect between users and your brand, which can ultimately lead to distrust.

Your imagery should support your business message in ways users believe and expect, so they inspire action.

Optimize for mobile

More users shop on smart devices such as phones and tablets every year, resulting in increased demand for web designs that are more compatible with these devices. Here at BNG, we format sites to work with a wealth of smart devices, even organizing the information in more actionable ways. For instance, rather than positioning content in one long scroll, we can place stronger calls-to-action and purchase buttons near the top, so users buy more quickly. Smart web design techniques like these make the experience easier and faster while making your site more portable for more frequent sales, making your business even more profitable.

When you organize your online marketing initiatives, keep in mind the importance of web design graphic strategies like these. Investing in them improves your online presence, boost your site stats, and make your business more profitable. We make sure to implement strategies such as these in all of our work.

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