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Company Profile

ByteSpeed has been providing custom-built desktops, laptops, netbooks, and servers for education providers, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and city and county governments across the nation since 1999.


ByteSpeed had always prided themselves on keeping up with the rapid changes of technology with their products. However, their website hadn’t kept up over the years, and it wasn’t leaving their customers with a great impression. When ByteSpeed first built their website five years prior, in Drupal’s platform, it served the basic needs of a website. Overtime, however, their ideal customers and prospects wanted a site that was mobile friendly, and one that allowed ByteSpeed to serve their audience by allowing for a specialized quoting feature for their checkout process. The ByteSpeed site was not set up for this functionality, in their old platform.


Director of Marketing, Brenda Clifton, searched for a Fargo-based website company to redesign their website that understood their challenges and could help them build a more professional site. During their search, they struggled to find a website developer that had the level of customer service and support that met their expectations. Brenda ultimately wanted to be able to trust a company to continually help with their site, not a one-time fix.

Eventually, ByteSpeed chose BNG Design of Fargo-Moorhead, and got the results they desperately needed, through their newly upgraded business website. One of the biggest struggles with their previous Drupal site was the lack of customer service, which made updates and changes incredibly difficult. With BNG Design, Brenda had training so she could manage some of the site themselves. And since their new site is built in WordPress, it’s easy for them to navigate. ByteSpeed also benefits from a monthly service package that helps them maintain their site, after it’s launched, and allows them to rest easy through additional support. ByteSpeed also benefits from a monthly report, customized by BNG Design, which informs them of their SEO value, and website performance.


“BNG Design was laid back, yet direct in areas they needed to be. BNG Design was personable, easy to talk to, and know what they’re talking about. We wanted to work with someone who understands our needs; someone who understands our industry.”

Brenda Clifton, Director of Marketing at ByteSpeed