[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever bought something online so cheap it was too good to be true, only to have it fall apart?

Maybe you decided to go with an older used car instead of paying more for a nicer one, and it ended up costing you more money because it kept breaking. Or you couldn’t resist the deal on those cheap shoes that turned out to be uncomfortable and falling apart after a month of wear.

A cheap website can have a similar outcome. The momentary gain of saving money can backfire and result in paying to build another website because the first one didn’t perform as well.

If you’re interested in seeing all the ways a cheap website is an unwise investment, stay tuned.

Time = Money

Time is money is a cliche, but there’s truth to that in business.

Now, if you pay for a cheap website, usually there are a few unpleasant side effects you might not have considered that will cost you precious time.

A poorly thought out website just thrown together is going to lead to more time and effort in the long run and cost you any money you may have initially saved. It may mean your website breaks down easier and you have to pay additional money to fix it.

It can be tempting to fall for the promise of a website for a low cost. There’s a lot of companies out there who advertise a site for $500, or $1000 are probably outsourcing it overseas and paying someone pennies to build it for you.

Aside from a shady business tactic, that website will not be in excellent condition and require a lot of time and energy to make it work on your end.

Chances are any business who is charging a low amount for a website which is local to the US is either paying their staff incredibly low or is slapping things together to make a quick buck with no thought on the quality of the end-product.

A poorly thought out website means you’ll have to spend more time and effort on sales and maintenance. If your website can’t remove some of the manual tasks of lead gathering or accepting payments, you’re spending the time you could have spent on something else.

You don’t want to pay money for a second-rate website. It costs you more time then it’s worth.

Experts don’t come free

Building a website involves a fair amount of skill and time spent learning the craft. You have to learn coding and web design, and countless other talents to create a good product.

You wouldn’t go to any professional and expect them to do it for free; a web designer is no different. If a web designer is willing to do a project for cheap, they might not be as good as they let on.

A web designer should consider essential security factors when building your initial site, and work to maintain security as time passes. A website can’t just be left alone with no updates; it will continually need updates for functionality and security risks.

It’s especially true for a website that you process customer information through. Unsecured websites mean an easy target for hackers.

Sometimes you need to start small, but it’s better to start with a talented and professional team to build your site.

If you go with a cheap provider they may not be able to support it as it becomes more advanced.

We’ve seen this happen a few times. A business went with a friend or a cheaper website provider and struggled to add on features as their business grew.

Either because their original designer didn’t know how to support their website as they grew, or didn’t have the technical skills to add coupon and subscription features.

In the end, they had to rebuild their website with us, but now they keep adding new features every few months as they need.

If they had chosen a provider who could build them a quality website from the beginning, they would have just had to pay for new features over time as they grew instead of rebuilding from scratch.

A cheap website means more work

The amount of effort you put into your website and online marketing has a direct correlation between the amount and quality of leads/sales you get in return.

A more efficient site can have a multiplying effect to your effort, poorly thought through or executed website may have no multiplying impact or an adverse impact on your efforts online.

Imagine if you were going to mow the lawn, and you had the option of using a traditional lawn mower, or scissors. Sure, both are going to get the job done, but one will require a lot more effort.

There’s an equation we created to illustrate.

(Effort 5) x (Website Multiplying Effect 5) = (25 on the scale of great leads)

(Effort 25) x (Website Multiplying Effect 0) = (25 on the scale of great leads)

(Effort 0) x (Website Multiplying Effect 25) = (0 on the scale of great leads)

As you can see, depending on how much the website will multiply your effort will create different outcomes. You can put very little effort into a good website and have a great multiplying effect.

As you can see, the more effort you put upfront in building a website means the less you’ll have to do later.

There will still be effort involved, but the payoff is more leads and better results for your business.

Interested in building a quality website?

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