About Dakota Hills Bumpers And Accessories

Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories is a full service Truck Defender dealer located in Jamestown, North Dakota. Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories sells through their online store, which is owned and operated by Bryan and Gloria Jones.

A Return on Investment

Why They Needed A Website

Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories had a website development problem: they had been moving from one website provider to another, and this lack of process was not generating the results they needed. Dakota Hills’ problem however, was not unique to them. Many other small and medium sized businesses who sell through an online store struggled with the same issues of lack of website traffic, little ROI, and poor results.

Dakota Hills previous websites were crude and rough, according to owner Bryan Jones, and the previous sites didn’t give Dakota Hills the return on investment they so desperately wanted. Owner Bryan Jones knew that if he wanted to help Dakota Hills raise their profits, he would need to build a website that had strong SEO value, along with a better WordPress platform.

How did BNG Help?

The results

Customer service was important to us. If you go to a store and don’t get custom service, you don’t buy there and go to the next one. BNG Design is top notch on their service. They have unbelievable knowledge how to be successful with website and E-Commerce design, and if you want your business to be successful online, go to BNG Design.

Bryan Jones

CEO and co-owner, Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories

Bryan met with many Fargo-based website design firms and agencies, with the goal of finding someone who could help him effectively build Dakota Hills website, but found they had ideas that didn’t make sense and processes that couldn’t help Bryan grow his business. Bryan felt like all the companies he met with did a great job of talking about themselves, but failed at providing solutions for their site.

In the end, Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories chose BNG Design to build their website, ultimately making the website an income generating machine.

The new site was built on the WordPress CMS, and helped Bryan and see a positive SEO outcome, as well as a website that is now very user-friendly to the end-customer.

Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories instantly noticed positive business results from the redesign of their E-Commerce website. Before their new website, gross revenue was small, making the E-Commerce site a part time business. But after BNG Design redesigned their website, Dakota Hills Bumpers and Accessories saw sales increases of more than twenty-five times from before, and saw a profit increase to 62%.

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