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Spicy Pie Pizza

Company Profile

Fargo and Minot’s best source for Pizza, Grinders, and Beer! The premiere pizza restaurant in the Fargo and Minot areas, with authentic hand tossed pizza, served New York style.


Spicy Pie’s former website was an STP platform, and was originally built by the friend of a friend. Many small business begin their website efforts in a similar fashion and Spicy Pie was no different. This process worked in the beginning when Spicy Pie was first starting in the web-world, but wasn’t efficient as they grew. It became clear they would have to do something with their website if they wanted their business to grow.

The Fargo-Moorhead market is very competitive for pizza joints, ranging from large chains and other local franchises. Spicy Pie had tons of competition online, and this fact gave them fits when trying to rank well in search, so their visitors and customers could find them when searching in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Despite their best efforts to rank high in search, Spicy Pie consistently struggled with ranking on the first 2 pages of search results.


Spicy Pie’s website was completely redone by BNG Design. From page copy, to layout, to SEO, Spicy Pie wanted their new site to better enable them to put their amazing pizza products in front of their customers.

Spicy Pie now makes it easy for their customers to see their menu from their smartphones, ultimately helping Spicy Pie guests order from a click on their smartphones.

Spicy Pie also benefits from a customized monthly reporting plan, which helps Spicy Pie understand if their site is running smoothly, while making recommendations for improvements. Spicy Pie is also provided with a comprehensive report that helps focus on better SEO. Spicy Pie now consistently ranks on the first page of search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


“I worked with BNG to redo our website for our company. Kim and Ryan worked with us to get exactly what we wanted (and needed)! They matched our website perfectly to portray what the brand and personality of our business is all about. They not only provided great customer service to us while working on the new website, but continue to help us with any questions or help that we need pertaining to the website. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an upgrade of their website!”

Mary Brown, Marketing Director at Spicy Pie



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