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The Icon Effect

Company Profile

The ICON Effect celebrates those who look at the world as their canvas while allowing their style to be as much about who they are as it is about what they believe.


The Icon Effect’s owner Laura Petry knew she would need an E-Commerce website to give her store an online presence and a brand. Launching her shop through a thirdparty provider like Etsy or social media was not going to provide The Icon Effect with the exposure and growth she wanted.

She wanted to work with a web design company to build a brand that connected with their target audience. In addition to reaching customers, The Icon Effect wanted their website to draw in other businesses who would partner with them.

Laura had a few concerns working with a web design company. For one, she was worried about the cost. Hiring a professional would be more costly to her newly formed business, and she was afraid building a website by professionals would cost too much.

Her other concern was how much control they would have over their E-Commerce store. Laura wanted to have control over running and managing The Icon Effect’s website, and her ideal set up was to work with a web design company who could give them the tools and training to run a lot of the day-to-day activities of their website.


After meeting with six website companies from the Fargo/Moorhead and Twin Cities area, The Icon Effect chose to partner with BNG Design to build their website. Laura went through an extensive interview process with each company and knew BNG Design fit her budget and vision.

They were able to meet all the demands and special pieces an E-Commerce site needs to succeed. Including communicating through their website and their warehouse to track what merchandise is in stock.

The team at The Icon Effect all received training to better run the website and add new products as the seasons cycled through. Even though they manage much of the daytoday activities of running their site, Laura can always contact BNG Design if they want to add new features or have questions.


“I would recommend BNG Design because they’re passionate about what they do. I love how everyone is passionate and takes everything seriously, for my businesses benefit”

Laura Petry – The Icon Effect