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Company Profile

Whether you are running a 100 horsepower four cylinder or a 1500 horsepower big block, GPHeaders, Inc. can build the custom headers to meet your needs.


ByteSpeed had always prided themselves on keeping up with the rapid changes of technology with their products. However, their website hadn’t kept up over the years, and it wasn’t leaving their customers with a great impression. When ByteSpeed first built their website five years prior, in Drupal’s platform, it served the basic needs of a website. Overtime, however, their ideal customers and prospects wanted a site that was mobile friendly, and one that allowed ByteSpeed to serve their audience by allowing for a specialized quoting feature for their checkout process. The ByteSpeed site was not set up for this functionality, in their old platform.


Owner Zach Griffin, knew he had to find another website designer. After doing a web search on Google, he found BNG Design and chose to engage them to learn if they’d be the right fit to build their new business site.

“I needed somebody who was going to be pushy with me, someone who would follow up, and ask me for stuff. Since we started the process, they’ve emailed me and followed up with me, asking us to get them the items they need in order to develop the site” said Zach Griffin, co-owner of GPHeaders.

Prior to BNG Design, GPHeaders had no way of capturing leads from their site. Now GPHeaders receives direct emails from prospects, helping them streamline their sales process.


“They are extremely quick, and push to actually get things done. Instead of sitting half-way done, they’ll reach out and get ahold of you. Always being able to get ahold of somebody, and communication overall is a big factor for me. Even with the site being done, BNG Design still helps keep our site in top shape”

Zach Griffin, Owner of GP Headers